Foggy and rainy spring brake system maintenance can not be missing


Many of her friends will give your car do regular routine maintenance, but the maintenance of the brake system, but nothing. Back to the south up, please do not forget to brake system maintenance.
Tomb Sweeping Festival rain have. Has long been continuous rain and the "back to the south" patronizing a long time, Guangzhou, often woke up, the window is already wet one. Driving rain and fog days in addition to more emphasis on a variety of driving skills outside of the vehicle brake system is undoubtedly more demanding.
Every two years or 40,000 kilometers in need of replacement brake oil
Also known as automobile brake oil brake fluid. For the most common disc brake, when the driver brakes, pedals stepped down from power, by the brake master cylinder piston, brake fluid passing through the energy to the wheels of the wheel cylinders, brake pads and brake the disc friction, to reduce the speed purposes.
The brake fluid in the process is to play the role of force transmission. Because brake fluid has a water feature, if prolonged use of replacement brake system will corrode piping to bring traffic hazard. Meanwhile, the brake oil absorption, the boiling point will decrease brake pressure is likely to cause insufficient braking effect. When the car for a long time with the brake, the brake system temperature increases, the brake pipe is easy to produce air resistance, the air is compressed, causing the system may power down or Zhidongshiling. Under normal circumstances suggest the owners, two years or 40,000 kilometers replace a brake fluid.
Try to choose quality and reliable brands, also choose the original designation of the brand, do not mix different brands. In addition to the major brands of OEM brake oil depot designated, the market is now more common joint brand brake oil are: Mobil, Shell, Castrol, BOSCH, Ferodo, AC Delco and so on.